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IV infusions therapy

IV infusions are a great way to get some of the nutrients that your body is missing and help you get to a healthier you.  We can tailor yours to your exact needs from general nutrition, boosting your immune system, relieving migraine pain or nausea, weight loss, increasing hair/skin/nail health and more. 

Give us a call to see which IV is right for you!

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Myers Cocktail IV ​

  • Boost immunity, energy, mental clarity, help jet lag and improve cardiovascular health! 


We offer a range of injections that you can add to your IV for an even more customizable experience.​

  • Ketorolac

  • Dexamethasone

  • Ondansetron

  • B12/MIC

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid

  • Vitamin C

  • Extra Fluid

IV Add-Ons

Featured Items

IV Monthly Memberships

  • MAINTENANCE MEMBERSHIP: 2 MYERS COCKTAIL IVs - $199/monthly. 6 month commitment required.

  • PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP:         2 Myers Cocktail IVs with 2 Add Ons - $299/monthly. 6 month commitment required.

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